About The Author

Bertrand Kolle is an inspired writer who strives to connect with people of different walks of life back to the Word of God through his writings. Through his books and shared personal experiences, he teaches young Christians and those looking to God for answers how to think biblically and discern the mind of the Spirit through the Scriptures to experience life from the Spirit as described in John 6:63. Though he grew up in a broken family, he always believed he could make a difference and be an example for others to look up to. His love for the Scriptures and his desire to understand the will of God for his life, led him to study in biblical counseling. His passion for writing led him to begin to publish his own life scenarios demonstrating how the Bible, which is neglected and misunderstood by many, can be an essential tool to enter into the life that God meant for humanity since the beginning of time. He is also a veteran serving in the armed forces, looking for ways to be an inspiration to his fellow comrades. He has been married to Mpessa Kolle Marie for over 15 years now still growing strong in their commitment, and currently serving as an Assistant Pastor in Kingdom Eagle Church located in Houston, TX.